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NetSuite's NetFlex technology platform customizes and extends NetSuite to meet your specific company and industry requirements for personalization, business processes and best practices. And with NetFlex AppBuilder, you can build entire applications hosted within NetSuite. No on-demand application service is more customizable or extensible.

  • NetFlex Customization
    Easy-to-use, point-and-click tools provide unlimited personalization, configuration, process validation and vertical tailoring.
  • NetFlex Web Services
    Use Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), standards-based Web service APIs to extend NetSuite to other systems, third party vertical applications, or build add-on capabilities.
  • NetFlex AppBuilder
    Custom object, tab and code capabilities allow for entire applications to be built and hosted within NetSuite, providing all the benefits of a robust application architecture and on-demand hosting efficiencies.
  • NetFlex Verticals
    Unique on-demand template cloning capabilities together with NetFlex Customization, NetFlex Web Services and NetFlex AppBuilder facilitate a library of industry verticals that can be further customized by individual customers to fit their specific business requirements.

NetFlex—Making NetSuite the World's Most Customizable & Extensible Application Service
While claims to be the world's most customizable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, NetSuite and NetFlex give you much more. Here are some highlights of what NetFlex has:

  • Custom fields to store data points specific to your business.
  • Custom records/objects related to core business functions in a one-to-one or one-to-many data relationship.
  • Custom sub-tabs help you organize data clearly for quick access.
  • Change values in drop-down lists to tailor for your business.
  • Center tabs allow for completely new applications to be hosted within NetSuite.

And here's what NetFlex has that other on-demand CRM solutions don't and can only dream of:

  • Custom color themes and company logo placement allow you to stamp NetSuite with your corporate brand.
  • Custom terminology helps personalize to your business and industry, for example—you may want to rename "Customer" to "Client".
  • Advanced search capabilities allow for complex AND/OR expressions, criteria nesting, table joins and even result summarization such as Count, Sum, Avg. and Group.
  • Fields can be placed as footers on list views and when selected, serve to filter the records displayed in the list.
  • Dynamic sourcing & filtering on custom fields ensure data consistency, ease of entry.
  • Many-to-many data relationships between custom records/objects or even standard objects give you complete flexibility in managing additional mission critical data.
  • Custom records are automatically built into searching, permissions and Dashboard roles.
  • Custom code for user defined validations and calculations on forms.

NetFlex Benefits

  • No more settling for a "one size fits all" hosted application solution.
  • NetFlex tranforms NetSuite to become your company's software, complete with your terminology, your corporate branding, your key data points, and your business processes.
  • Standards based Web services make it simpler to extend NetSuite to other systems, vertical solutions, and third party add-on capabilities.
  • NetFlex configuration and customization carry forward seamlessly with upgrades making maintenance nightmares a thing of the past.
  • Applications you build using NetFlex are hosted within NetSuite—which comes complete with a 99.5% uptime guarantee, robust Oracle & J2EE architecture and world-class security infrastructure.
  • Verticalization to your industry specific needs has never been easier.